• "i" to open shopping list/inventory
  • "r" to open recipe guide
  • Arrow keys to move
  • Space to jump
  • Mouse to look around, left click to buy/select

Quick! Shop for groceries on a limited budget so you can fix your three unruly grandkids meals and win their hearts over. 

These kids are hungry so you’ve gotta go fast and make sure to check your grocery list so that when it comes time to cook their meals you have everything you need to make what their little snot-nosed hearts desire. 

If you don’t make what they wanted, they will be disappointed and if you don’t make them anything, kiss that grandkid goodbye! This game is a prototype made in two weeks.

This was a two week prototype created by Bonnie Bolton, Tony Nguyen, Darwin Henderson, and Alexia Carmona. This project was created for a prototyping class at the University of Texas at Austin. As the theme was to craft as well as have an inventory, we wanted to go with a different type of crafting like cooking. We believed that the story of a grandma cooking for her grandchildren was a fun and comedic idea that everyone could enjoy. GO GRANDMA GO!

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